Herders- A Responsible Nomads

The herders of Dhur and Nangsiphel-Zangling-Zhabjethang chiwog under Chhoekhor gewog in Bumthang has meaningfully participated in Primary Round-National Assembly 2018 through special facilitation program

by Election Commission of Bhutan. Since these voters had to move up with their cattle (Yak) in search of better pasture land or fodder for better diary products, the special facilitation was provided to have equal opportunity. Similarly, a time has strike for a group of herders from Chhumig gewog to move to lower areas with their cattle (cows) and few to upper areas with yaks. These voters are due to move with their cattle very soon and will absolutely miss voting opportunity since ECB cannot provide them with special postal ballot facility like nomads from Chhoekhor Gewog who were already a registered postal voter. In order to excise their voting franchise, Dzongkhag Election Authority in consultation with Gewog Administration has conducted a meeting with nomads from Chhumig to urge them to start migrating after the poll day. The meeting was very successful that all the herders (not less than 90 voters) has commonly agreed to our request. The detailed report can be accessed from the link here


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