Notification Calling NA Election, 2018

This is to notify general public that Election Commission of Bhutan in obedience to Royal Decree issued for the conduct of Historic Third Parliamentary Elections, 2018 has issued Election Notification on 18th August 2018. However, the Election Period has started from 17th August 2018 on the same date of issue of Royal Decree. This is to also remind general public to avoid organizing events involving public within election period as in the Public Advisory dated 4th March 2017 which states “During the Election Period, religious and/or other events involving the general public are to be avoided to ensure smooth, free and fair elections. In this regard, all Government Agencies, Autonomous Bodies, Corporations, Private Offices, Religious Organizations and the general public are being advised well ahead of time so that any such programmes and activities involving public gathering can be planned, avoiding the time periods of February to May 2018 and August to October 2018″. 

The details of event to be conducted within Election Period can be viewed from the link below


“Let’s fulfill our Natural Responsibility”

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