Postal Ballot Registration

Election Office is carrying out exhaustive preparatory for the conduct of National Assembly Elections. In order to make everyone informed and be able to participate in this election, Election Office would like to inform you to kindly register to avail postal ballot facility if one think that he/she may not be able to go in person to his/her polling station. The facility extends to all the eligible voters specified in section 331 of Election Act of the Kingdom of Bhutan, 2008 except section 331.c which specifies Member of Armed Forces of Bhutan shall be facilitated directly through Election Commission of Bhutan, Kawajangsa, Thimphu.

While registering for postal ballot facility, he/she must note the following;

  1. Register for postal ballot facility only if he/she haven’t register during National Council Elections.
  2. If he/she has registered in other Dzongkhag and he/she is now transferred to this Dzongkhag, he/she and their dependents will have to submit a new registration form to update your postal address or choice of facilitation booth.
  3. If he/she is a postal ballot registered voter during National Council Election and he/she wants to vote in person at Polling Station, he/she will have to change his/her status from Postal Ballot voter to

    EVM voter. Failing to do so will remain as postal voter and not allowed to vote in his/her polling station on the poll day.

In order to have informed and inclusive participation during this National Assembly Election, Election Office would like to request you all to kindly de-register your dependents if they not with you anymore and also remind your family members and relatives who are eligible postal voters to kindly register as postal voter with the nearest Dzongkhag Election Office.

For those eligible voters under your office who want to register as new postal voter, update their postal address, and change their status as EVM voter must submit a duly filled registration form to this office as soon as possible.

Download Postal Ballot Registration Form from here

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